Golf courses and golf resort hotels in Türkiye. Our golf directory contains detailed information. Meet at the Golf Course in Türkiye.

  • Titanic Golf Club

    Titanic Golf Club presents a pleasing experience for professionals and a perfect training potential for the amateurs.

    • Designed by the Architects of Hawtree Golf Course of the United Kingdom
    • Established on 110 Hectares of area
    • The first 27 holed golf course of Türkiye
    • Potential to organize a 9-Hole Championship with 3 Options – Variable 27 Holes option.
  • Golfing; the hobby and competitive ball sport

    Golfing is a ball sport that seems very simple at first glance. It is anything but easy. While golfing is a hobby for most, it is a competitive sport for others.

    High-profile golf tournaments are regularly held with thousands of spectators. Among the most deserving athletes in the world there are many golfers.

  • Montgomerie Maxx Royal Golf Course

    The Montgomerie Maxx Royal is the third European golf design project course in the Belek region and more than lives up to the hype that surrounds it. The course layout was developed in collaboration with Scottish professional golfer Colin Montgomerie and was created to give participants the opportunity to try their hand at an accessible course with a professional edge.

    Montgomerie name is synonymous with quality and his unique understanding of the game of golf will ensure that this course is considered a masterpiece.

  • Regnum Golf and Country Club

    The Regnum Golf and Country Club in Bodrum has an impressive clubhouse set in calm and beautiful surroundings with a restaurant that possesses world-class chefs, a cafe/bar offering all local and international brands, and a magnificent terrace with a pool. There is also a fitness centre, natural products shop, and a fully stocked Pro-shop.

    The Regnum Golf & Country Club is only 30 kilometres away from Bodrum airport, 17 kilometres from Bodrum city and 6 kilometres from the Güvercinlik bay.

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