The Rules of this Sport Game

Golf is a courteous sport game. Most golfers appreciate the rules and established etiquette on the golf course. Sadly, because of disregard or obliviousness, etiquette violations remain. Everyone has committed a breach of golf etiquette at some point, but fixing this situation is easy - it's simply a matter of understanding proper golf course etiquette.

When playing golf, in addition to the rules of the game, there is an etiquette that every golfer should adhere to. It refers to the generally desired behavior that you should show on the court.

If a golfer does not adhere to etiquette, he may be disqualified from a tournament or lose his membership in the respective golf club. Golf course etiquette basically says that you should act sincerely and remain honest when playing golf. Be considerate of other players, take care of their safety and do not disturb them. Stay calm and save the place.

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